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Lockbox Services

Lockbox is an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for you to receive, deposit, and post-payment receipts to your remittance accounts.

  • Transactions ranging from check only (typical business-to-business payments) and full-page documents (letters, bills, and invoices) to fully encoded payment coupons (such as loan payments, rental stubs and utility bills) are now automated.
  • Funds are deposited the same day the mail arrives.
  • Local Post Office Box addresses.
  • Automated data capture and electronic posting files (reduce manual entry and potential errors).
  • Access to captured data and images.
  • Ability to consolidate the reporting and posting of multiple payment types including ACH, Credit Card, and Bill Pay transactions.
  • Transactions processed by payment professionals in a secure facility.
  • Separation of duties between those who issue invoices, and those who receive payments.

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