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Business Cash Management

Cash flow is essential to running any business. We have many ways to help you manage your accounts efficiently and accurately.

Remote Deposit Services

Scan paper checks and have them electronically deposited into your Victory Bank account without ever having to drive to the bank.

Merchant Services

Whether you're selling to consumers or businesses, The Victory Bank can make electronic payment processing more efficient and profitable.

Insured Deposit Sweep Checking Account

An account perfect for businesses that typically carry large balances.

Escrow Management Account

Free interest-bearing checking accounts offered to landlords, property managers, and estate lawyers for funds held in escrow on behalf of a third-party.


An efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for you to receive, deposit, and post-payment receipts to your remittance accounts.

Online Business Banking

Victory Bank Online Business Banking can assist you in performing a variety of in-depth business management functions.


Easily manage your accounts with QuickBooks from Intuit.