"We exist to optimize the financial lives of our clients"

At The Victory Bank, we value:

Extraordinary Personal Service - The Victory Bank delivers fair value and professional advice in a convenient and highly responsive manner. Every contact is an opportunity to help our clients feel valued, important and satisfied.

Respect - We conduct ourselves with respect and tolerance for all, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, sexual preference, economic status, religion or political views.

Ethical Behavior and Fairness - In every action we strive to consider the long-term best interests of our clients, team members, communities and shareholders, and to always do what is ethically right. Business relationships must provide good value to our clients, and be fair and profitable to the Bank.

Personal and Corporate Integrity - Our values stand the challenges of business, and the tests of time. We do not compromise our values for personal or corporate gain.

Candor - Open, honest and direct communication is expected throughout the organization regardless of title or position. Pollution of our work environment with gossip and negativity is not acceptable.

Credibility - We do what we promise.

Consistency and Excellence - We do things right the first time, and are relentlessly committed to excellence.

Planning, Efficiency and Systematic Thinking - We establish well-defined strategic plans, set clear goals, and think systematically about the long-term implications of our decisions. We operate efficiently and without waste.

A Learning Organization - We are stewards of our team's collective talents and capabilities, committed to helping all team members reach their ultimate potential. We are committed to the never-ending improvement of our knowledge, processes, systems and technology.

Adaptation and Innovation - We know that we must always be in a state of growth and change, adapting to an evolving marketplace. We recognize those individuals who innovate and challenge the status quo. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and improve, and when things go wrong, we focus on solutions rather than blame.

A Great Working Environment - We believe that joy, satisfaction and happiness are an integral part of success. We strive to make The Victory Bank the employer of choice for an exclusive team of professionals who are, without exception, fully engaged in the pursuit of excellence, and committed to the safety, satisfaction and happiness of the group. 

Teamwork - We recognize and celebrate the importance and power of teamwork, where individual recognition is secondary to working in a collaborative way in pursuit of common goals. 

Leadership - Every Team Member proudly wears the mantle of leadership. We strive to model and teach our core values at all times, and gauge our effectiveness as leaders through the positive changes that we create.

Ultimately, we measure our success through the outlook of our clients, whose total satisfaction assures financial success.

"Perfection is our inspiration"